When you can't find the words,

We'll give you something to talk about

Are you struggling to be heard above all the noise in the digital marketplace?

Have you tried all the tricks,

but you’re not getting the leads, engagement, or the spotlight you need?

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I know what it’s like to be muted:

I was raised in a cult, and sex trafficked.

I wasn’t allowed to have a voice, opinion, or personality.

Writing was the only safe way I had to express myself.

Fast forward to the present,
I am a published author, a seasoned copywriter, and I’m passionate about giving others a clear and impactful voice.

Together, we will simplify your message and bring alignment and clarity to your social media and web-based platforms.

I'm Amanda, Niche Specialist, Copywriter, and Owner of Inkery Co.

+ Create new and consistent growth through copy that engages your audience and converts followers into customers.

+ Align and clean up the messaging on your digital platforms so you can have clear and direct communication with your ideal clients, earning you more money and saving you time and resources.

What you can expect from Inkery Co.

  • Excellence, we promise to give you our very best 

  • Clear and open communication

  • Original content, copy, and strategies tailored to your unique brand, goals, and needs.

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We're ready when you are.

Amanda is a wizard of words. Easily taking my thoughts and gathering them into cohesive sentences. She’s passionate about her work and making sure my voice is heard loud and clear. She’s also a great advocate and inspiration to have on your side as well.
Wouldn’t be where I am at without her help.


Nate Peo,
Networking Consultant